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Register all your important health parameters on the same interface! Your data will never be lost again.


Share all your medical data registered at home with your doctor with just a single click!

My Health Plans

Set your own health-related goals and our interactive app will help you to achieve them!

Information Hub

Interested in personalized information? Check our up-to-date newsfeed regularly!

Service Centre

Need to find a health care provider? With MENTA fast and trustworthy information is easily available.

3rd Party Apps

All health-related developments are welcome to join our framework program.

Benefits of using MENTA

With our comprehensive application the energy you have invested will return in many ways. With regularly updated health plans your goals can be achieved more easily, your health status will be understood more deeply and all the information will come from a trustworthy source.

Benefits during health care

Fast and personalized information results in fast and personalized care. You can save time, shorten your recovery and simplify your doctor’s decisions. In an emergency situation our app can even save your life.


Phase 1

During the first phase the basic modules of MENTA will be launched: it will be available to register basic health-related data, to use the emergency card and the PHR modules. You can monitor your calorie intake, physical activities, body weight, your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. MENTA’s knowledge centre as well as its drug finder and pill reminder functions will be also available.

Phase 2

Within the second phase patient’s history, individual health plans and the support of different telemedical tools will be possible. You can share your personal data with your GP or specialist. Integration with other e-health projects and external health-related developments can be initiated.